Bull Health

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Claremont aim to maximise the reproductive integrity and health of their stud stock by adopting the Zoetis STAR Program – this is Steps Taken Against Reproductive disease.
Claremont Angus is proud to be one of the very few Studs to adopt this strict successful program.
Claremont Angus aims to keep all their livestock as healthy as possible.


Claremont Angus is proud to be part of the Zoetis STAR Program. i.e. Steps Taken Against Reproductive Disease. This means all bulls have been tested for Pestivirus and vaccinated twice with Pestiguard, 7 in 1 and Vibrovax.
Zoetis is very strict with their regulations and each part of the program has to be followed to the letter. The cattle have to be a certain age and the 2 vaccinations have to be within a certain time bracket to be eligible to receive the Zoetis STAR Certificate.

All our bulls will be semen tested and have a penis visual check by Drew Pickford on 5th February 2021. On the day of testing, all bulls were seen to be fertile.

We recommend a booster of Vibrovax and semen testing prior to each joining season.

Our bulls are fed with a Molafos mix a few weeks before the sale which contains all the vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy especially during the hot dry summer months. All bulls have been drenched with Dectomax prior to sale day.