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2014 Royal Melbourne Show


Show winners

Claremont steer part of top trio...


J3234 was one of the trio of pure bred angus steers who won Australia’s most prestigious beef competition, The Borthwick Trophy at the Royal Melbourne Show 2014. J3234 was a May born steer who was 620kg at his last weigh in.

The Borthwick Trophy
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Sire: Claremont Blacks G116 (APR)(AI)

Dam: Claremont Blacks Tania B670 (APR)


Quality Carcase Results

2013 Royal Melbourne Show


Led Export Steer (300+KG)


H2265 was the heaviest steer by 15kg out of all 245 carcase entrants. He was the only Angus steer to receive a placing at the show. His results on the hook were outstanding, receiving 87.39 points, only 4.23 points off the highest scoring steer. This placed him 7th overall for the Export Class.




Sire: Claremont Blacks F082 (APR)(AI) CCPF082

Dam: Claremont Blacks Daisy A512 (APR)(AI) CCPA512


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